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Hello and thank you for stopping by and checking out my delicious gourmet caramel apples.  You're in for an amazing treat.  I'd love to tell you that making caramel apples has been my dream and that this is an ancient secret recipe but, I'm afraid that wouldn't be true.  In January, 2013 I got the urge to make caramel apples.  Up until that day I had never made caramel in my life.  Not even caramel sauce. So I did what everyone does and googled it.   I located a recipe that had twice as many ingredients as all the rest and so I chose that one, because who wants to be the same as everyone else?   That first try took me until almost the next day, using the stove at my friends house because the YouTube video I had watched said it was the best way to heat the ingredients.  My first batch took about 10 hours and reaped about 20 apples.  Their picture is on my Divine Apples Facebook page.  We've come a long way.  


I've screwed up a bunch of batches, some with caramel so hard it was more like one of those hard caramel lollipops.  Try enjoying that on an apple.  I've even tried giving up making them at all because I've ruined the mixture with heat, humidity, the cooling process.  So many batches have been tossed.  It's been a journey.  Both professionally and personally. 

In April 2016 I had the state license my kitchen and the rest is history.  My community of apple friends have helped me grow and some have become good friends.  I'm truly blessed by everything this business has brought into my life.

Every single apple is hand dipped in savory caramel containing seven ingredients which creates a buttery, smooth yummy flavor.  The caramel is cooked to the perfect temperature for that firm, yet melt in your mouth texture.  Each apple is then covered in various toppings and drizzled with the finest Callebaut Belgian Chocolates.  


You're going to love my apples.

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